Ian Hickson, BSc


I am open to new roles, specifically work in the fields of open source and open standards, continuing my career which started with working on web browsers and web standards and more recently continued to co-founding and now leading the Flutter open source project. I'm not currently considering roles that don't fit these criteria.

Location: Based in the San Francisco bay area. Interested primarily in remote work. Not interested in relocating.

Flutter Co-founder, technical lead 2015-present

I co-founded the Flutter project, now the most widely used multiplatform UI framework, leading the project through the initial launch of Flutter 1.0 on Android and iOS in 2018 and continuing to today with support for macOS, Windows, Linux, the web, and Fuchsia. In my role as tech lead I fostered an active open source developer community while maintaining the highest standards of quality for our code and documentation.

WHATWG, HTML5 Co-founder, lead editor 2003-2015

I co-founded and then led the WHATWG standards organization, taking on the lead role as HTML specification editor. In this role I was responsible for the standardization of numerous now widely-deployed web technologies such as the <video> element, Web Sockets, Web Storage, and Web Workers. I also effected a significant cultural change in the web standards sphere, moving efforts into a radically more open environment and raising the quality expectations of web standards.

Notable achievements:

mozilla.org Layout QA Lead 1998-2003

I started my career as a volunteer Quality Assurance engineer on the Mozilla project, creating test cases for the CSS and HTML specifications, quickly taking the position of primary QA contact for Mozilla's Layout component, and contributing to the CSS working group as an Invited Expert.

Notable achievements:

Google Principal Software Engineer 2005-present
Opera Software Research and Development Engineer 2003-2005
W3C CSS Working Group Invited Expert 2000-2006
Netscape Communications (AOL) Standards Compliance Quality Assurance (Intern) 2000-2001
Bath University Undergraduate Student in Physics: 2i with Honors 1998-2002